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  • Water  heater
  • Detect leaks and fix them
  • Flooding
  • Clean and Repair clogged drains
  • Repair sewers, foundation leaks

We also do complete remodeling of old plumbing, kitchen and bathrooms.

Our experience is also in rough plumbing, where we dig the ground, install the water lines,

Sewer lines and bathtubs, which are installed early on in the construction, so the frame can settle quickly. Also includes installation of water supply lines as well as sewer lines and vents for each fixture. Then all the supply lines and the sewer lines join together through the crawl space ad exit out the back of the building so it can be later installed to the septic tank. It involves laying the pipe systems.

We install tankless water heaters which heat water when you need it and continuously. The water travels into the unit and is heated gas or electric.

The installation of sinks are easy and it has to be done by a professional so there is no leakage

Since it involves the drain lines.

Dishwater installations are good when you  have a damaged or old one, and now a days there are energy efficient washers. It involves setting the water supply, position the electrical lines and make the electrical connection.

Garbage disposals are very important so food bits in the sink can flow down the drain, If not, you would get a bad odor and clogging, which can produce flooding. This involves cutting the electricity, disconnect water pipes and drain excess water . Remove, clean, or replace and put all back together.

Ice maker installation involves  locating cold water line, routing of the tubing which involves sometimes cutting a hole in the floor or wall to find. Connection of the water supply with special tubing and install.

Oven/range installation .- First of all, check electrical system for proper ground and secure  connections, exposed wiring insulation for cracks or peeling. Then test the gas line, then install and test the controls, alignment doors, and heating.

Refrigerator area needs to be prepped for the new appliance.  Measurements are very important for the size you are planning to use, the connections need to be clean and functional.

Fireplaces are known for improving the atmosphere of a home, and add value too. You need to make sure you have a chimney or a flue where the smoke  can leave your home.  Have it checked out if you will get a gas fireplace you need a gas supply and you will need a gas safety valve and piping in order to conform to code. Most fireplaces now a days have a glass doors to protect.

Toilet repairs of replacement are usually caused from a leaking tank or bowl, overflowing or slow drains, it won’t flush or stops running. This is definitely a job we can do. It involves cutting the water, checking underneath for leaks or broken lines, sewage etc.

We repair and install plumbing, gas and electric water heater, hot water heaters including all gallon tanks from 30 to 85, hot water  systems up to 190 degrees F in the sink without waiting for the warming up process, tankless water heaters, to name a few.

This is done for remodeling and new construction. Our services include both commercial and residential.