HVAC Services

M.R. Builders has a team of licensed HVAC professionals that have mastered all scopes dealing with HVAC. Our team of HVAC professionals are clean, respectful, and get the job done quickly and efficiently. HVAC issues are one of the most frustrating things for a property owner to deal with. Whether your central A/C goes out in the middle of summer, or you Heat pump goes out in the dead of winter. M.R. Builders employs multiple HVAC licensed technicians that are ready to complete any job whether it is small or large. We handle all jobs from full replacement systems, to adding Freon to your condenser. With our large team of HVAC technicians we are able to handle multiple jobs at once, or complete larger jobs in a timely manner. All technicians are licensed in the state of Texas and are able to diagnose and fix any problems you may have.

HVAC services offered:

  • Freon leak detection and repairs
  • New commercial HVAC systems
  • New residential HVAC systems
  • Heat pump repairs/replacement
  • Condenser repairs/replacement
  • Compressor repairs/replacement
  • Filter changing
  • New duct installation and repairs
  • Attic insulation inspection
  • Insulation installation
  • Window and door sealing and inspections
  • Air handler repair/replacement
  • Duct work cleaning and repairs
  • Register cleaning/replacement
  • Condenser cleaning
  • Pipe insulation repairs
  • Window unit installation and repairs

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