MRBuilders Dallas Concrete Services

Commercial, Residential, and Multi-Family Concrete Service in Dallas

MRBuilders Dallas Concrete Services is a well-established concrete construction which branches across the United States, Mainly in Texas, Florida, and California. In addition, having more than 28 years of experience in the general contracting company, will guarantee you get the best results for any project, Commercial, Residential, Industrial, or Multi Family.

Dallas Concrete General Estimate Process

We do our best to respond to each one of our customer on the same day. At this point, we gather information about the concrete project, and set up a meeting to view the site firsthand.

A written bid will be prepared the same day, and a printed bid will be emailed to you later on, along with a professional Drawing plan if deemed necessary.

Dallas Concrete General Information

There are four basic elements in concrete which are to e mixed together and they are cement, sand, crushed rock or gravel and water. The proper mix of the ingredients is determined by the intended use of the concrete itself. It can be used for foundation, retaining walls, sidewalks, stepping stones or slabs.

Foundation is the first step in building a new home, building or commercial property.

The concrete needs to be poured properly because that is what keeps the property from shifting or moving. There are two kind of foundations used. One is Pear and Beam which is the best kind because there is crawl space underneath the home where inspection of any kind is accessible.  Then there is Slab foundation which is also used, which is the most common and less expensive. They are used with post tension cables.

First of all, you need to find the right floor covering for each room in your home. The most traditional is hardwood floors. They are easy to keep up and give a certain warmth to the ambiance. Of course there are laminate, vinyl, ceramic tile, carpet, travertine, and many more types which are used in different areas of the home.

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