Expertise and work ethic are a must for this kind of work. Each one needs to be measured for space, so when ready, the installation will be easy and no damages will occur. Included in this work is building book shelves, kitchen cabinetry, any custom carpentry work, window and door trims, paneling and more.

Someone meticulous and patient too.

We can provide you with the right people for the job.

MR Builders Dallas Cabinet Restoration

Kitchen Cabinet Restore in Dallas & Fort Worth

Need to have your cabinets repaired, replaced, or refurbished, or simply touched up? If you are located anywhere in or around Dallas, TX, we are there. Whether it is touch up or a complete repaint – MRBuilders Dallas Cabinet Restoration Services can help with all of your needs.
Give MRBuilders Dallas Kitchen Cabinet Restoration department a call at (972) 238-7599 or Request a Free Cabinets Restoration Estimate today!
MRBuilders Dallas Kitchen Cabinet Restoration Department offers complete renovation, build, and/or installation of any and all types of kitchen cabinets, or any other cabinets requested. As a guideline, we suggest to have a sample to have us work by when dealing with a fresh installation. Please call (972) 238-7599 or Request a Free Cabinets Restoration Estimate today!

We take care of all the cabinets repair, cabinet refurbish, and general cabinet restoration needs of some of the top companies in DFW metroplex. As well as some of the most lavish Dallas homes as well.

Thanks to our complete construction services, we are fully organized to handle any project from the ground up. Our Project managers will be happy to help organize any construction project for you, your business, or your industry, as we have done for numerous properties and organization in and around Dallas

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General Work Process:

Remove all contents from cupboards and drawers, and remove all doors and drawers. We then follow to shop, strip, and prep all doors and drawers, and mask adjacent floors, ceilings, walls, and furniture. The next step is to prep and sand the frames, match stain samples, and match the top coatings. Once this is all done with, we will deliver and install the new cabinets to their rightful home, and set up for a final clean up.

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Our Cabinet Restoration Guarantee

Thanks to 28 years worth of experience in the business, our commitment to high quality materials and professional methods, we have ensured that our work will meet your goal with 100% Satisfaction.

Our work is guaranteed by MRBuilders Dallas Services and 3rd party suppliers warranties. In order to get started on your painting project, please fill out our free estimate form. You can also call (972) 238-7599 /and we’ll be more than happy to answer any cabinet restoration questions you might have.

Need your doors repaired, replaced, or refurbished?

MRBuilders Doors Restoration Services can help with all your doors Refurbish needs. Give us a call at (972) 238-7599 / ‎(469)-330-7720 or Request a Free Cabinets repair Quote online today.

We take care of all the doors repairs, refurbish, and replacement needs of some of the top companies in Dallas/Fort Worth, and some of the most lavish homes as well.

Door Repairs include but not limited to:

• Realign strike plates – throw bolts not catching • Adjust door fit – door dragging or sticking to jamb • Raise threshold – draft under door • Jamb repairs – forced entry, heavy usage splits • Trim door bottom – dragging carpet or tile • Seasonal adjustments for expanding wood doors • Tighten strike plates – door rattles or fits loose • Wind-slammed doors – Re- anchor door frames • Door’s top roller catches realigned • Twin door privacy t-astricals installed • Twin doors re-aligned • Bi-fold doors adjusted & repaired • Warped doors refitted to jamb • De-laminating door surfaces repaired • Loose panels in 6 panel wood doors re-secured • Weather rot repairs – replace trim / jamb • Major door refitting from house settling • Interior door bottoms trimmed to increase heat & air efficiency • Ghosting doors corrected • Cracked cabinet doors repaired • Dog chewed trim replaced • Jamb & casing repainted • Door refinishing available • Cracks in wood paneled doors filled • Overhead garage door frame wood rot replaced • Same day service to re-secure break-ins Door Installations: • Interior doors – Replace existing doors with new pre-hung doors or slab doors into existing frames • Singles, twins, louvered, french doors • 6-panel, solid core, slab • 8′ tall doors installed • Existing doors converted to cased openings, including filling hinge mortices and refinishing • Entry doors – wood, metal, fiberglass doors • Sidelights and transom panels • Patio doors – divided light glass, single & twin sets • Replace doors without replacing jamb frames • Door swing direction reversed • Replace single door with twin • Replace hollow core door with solid core for panic/safe rooms • Replace sliding glass doors with french doors • Butler doors installed

MRBuilders Door Services also offers the following:

Door Security Upgrades: Latches, Slide-bolts & latch chains, Premium deadbolts, Heavy duty jamb strike plates, 3″ heavy duty screws to anchor striker plates into wall framing, Door frame’s forced entry integrity upgraded by removing casing, filling space behind jamb with solid lumber instead of just shims, and replacing casing and paint touch up, Lock & deadbolt security backplates, Metal jamb, strengthener plates installed, Window security hardware.

Installation of Pet Doors in all sizes in wood & metal exterior doors, Smooth surface & Raised paneled door installations, Dog doors installed in glass pane of french door

Weatherproofing to avoid drafts, wind sounds, & energy loss, Flat profile door jamb weatherstrip installed, Door sweeps installed, Door bottom fin strips replaced, Complete weatherstripping upgrades, Expanding foam inserted behind jamb frames, Weatherized caulking at crevices of door exterior, Foam panels for inside of overhead garage door.

MRBuilders Services also offers replacement and installation of the following hardware: New door locks & deadbolts installed, Entry latch sets, Existing door locks & deadbolts adjustments, Viewer peepholes, Kickplates, Self closing hinges, Kickdown or hinged mounted door holders, Door bumpers, Door’s top roller catches replaced, Cabinet door pulls, Cabinet door child protection hardware, Bathroom towel bars & rings, Brass to nickel, pewter, bronze, conversions, Doors bored for adding a deadbolt, Organizing & storage hardware installed, Specialty hardware items installed.