A little about MR Builders

MR Builders is a Dallas, TX based construction company with branches in Texas, Florida, and California. Established in 1987, this Minority Female Owned construction company has managed to gather professional grade experience in just about any construction related field. In addition, we have affiliates and connections throughout the industry, and across the U.S.

Core Values in the Construction Industry

MR Builders’ values Honesty and Integrity above everything. We respect all of our employees and customers, and strive to provide them with the best possible results. We provide quality in our service, and, in fact, when the costs of a project’s turns out to be lower than the original bid, we will gladly reimburse the difference to our customer.

FMO (Female Owned Minority) Company

MR Builders is a FMO (Female Minority Owned) company which strives to better the lives our employees as well as our wide variety of customers. We strive to show respect to any person, regardless or race, sex, religion, or economical standing. In addition, many of our services are available to local communities at an highly competitive rate.

About Diversity and Inclusion in MR Builders Inc

We promise excellence in our services, something we believe no one should compromise on. Diversity makes us complete and whole in our beliefs, and a strong guiding force for our local communities in its wide varieties. We believe that each and every person has something to offer, and we work closely with both our clients and our employees to get the best result in the end.

Our Goal

Our goal to become the #1 Dallas / Fort Worth Construction Company. Thanks to 28 years in the business, a commitment to high quality materials and professional employees and methods, we insured that our work meets our goal with 100% customer satisfaction.
Give MR Builders Dallas Construction Services a call at (972) 238-7599 / ‎(469)-330-7720 or Request a Free Estimate online.

Mr Builders Community Involvement

Mr Builders Community Involvement

We believe in building strong and friendly relationships with the people in our community. We will always be available to them, in each project, big or small, and are always glad to work with them in this harsh economy. We always strive to find different ways to be helpful either by supporting organizations or just giving a helping hand.

Building Community Involvement

MR Builders Inc. are well involved in the various communities surrounding our Dallas TX Home base. We are active in fundraisers, help the needy, supply free or reduced cost to several sponsored non profit organizations. If there is a need for our support, we are there to make our live, and everyone around us better in some way.


Safety in Construction Services

MR Builders Inc. puts the safety of our employees and customers first. When a job has hazard issues, we dispatch teams specifically designed for such projects. In fact, after being 28 years in the Construction Industry we have developed unique experience and expertise which has allowed us to maintain the highest standards of safety in the work environment

The Inspection Process

Each and every single one of our projects, no matter of our big or small, goes through a rigorous inspection process to insure that everything is working perfectly, safely, and as initially requested by the customer. We do everything in our power to clean up the work environment and secure it during long projects

MR Builders Specialty Rehab Services

Thanks to our speciality in both Commercial and Industrial fields, as well as Residential and Multi Family projects, we offer our various remodeling, repair, and rehab services to properties and apartment complexes across Dallas, Fort-Wort, and the United States. Our Teams are consisted of specific crews for specific jobs, to make sure we offer the highest level of service available. In fact, our most important requirement is customer satisfaction and we strive for it. That is exactly why we offer years of experience for free before the commencement of any sized project, and insure the quality of the work.

We are well known in Dallas and Fort Worth and surrounding cities by many companies in many industries. We offer outstanding customer service and the best quality in work and finish out you would expect. MR Builder have earned the recognition we have through the years and are proud of it.

Give MR Builders Dallas Construction Services a call at (972) 238-7599 / ‎(469)-330-7720 or Request a Free Estimate online.

Our Services


Our Services include, but are not limited to: Water Heater, Detect leaks and fix them, Flooding, Clean and Repair clogged drains, Repair sewers, foundation leaks, and much more


There are different kinds of framing which include platform, and post-and-beam. It is vital that building codes are enforces in this type of work.


There are different kinds or roofs, such as flat, and gabble. Flat Roofs are very common on commercial buildings and some single family homes.


Expertise and work ethic are a must for this kind of work. Each one needs to be measured for space, so when ready, the installation will be easy and no damages will occur. Included in this work is building book shelves, kitchen cabinetry, any custom carpentry work, window and door trims, paneling and more.

Inter / Exterior Painting

If your construction project is an entirely new build, or if you are simply remodeling, MRBuilders Dallas Painting will handle all the interior painting as well as any exterior painting for any project


There are four basic elements in concrete which are to e mixed together and they are cement, sand, crushed rock or gravel and water. The proper mix of the ingredients is determined by the intended use of the concrete itself. It can be used for foundation, retaining walls, sidewalks, stepping stones or slabs.