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Welcome to MR Builders Complete Construction Services. MR Builders is a Dallas, TX based construction company with branches in Texas, Florida, and California. MR Builders was established in 1984 and has grown to become an industry leading company. Over the years, MR Builders has managed to gather professional grade experience in just about any construction related field , which allows us to provide flawless work in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. In addition, we have affiliates and connections throughout the industry, and across the U.S. MR Builders is a close knitted, family oriented company with second generation workers on our staff. We strive to provide excellent turn-key service that exceeds your needs 100% of the time. MR Builders Specializes in all commercial grade and residential work. Including, Multi-Family Apartments, Shopping Centers, Hospitals, Office Buildings and much more.  We work hand in hand with some of the top management groups in the DFW Area, such as Lincoln Properties, Luma Corp, Jefferson Properties, and many more. We are also registered and in accordance with Compliance Depot, which is a vendor credential service. A MR builder is also insured, and can be bonded as a request. In addition to our main services, MR Builders also specializes in emergency fire and flood damage restorations. So please, call 972-238-7599 today, and schedule an appointment, or click the link below to schedule an appointment and one of our project managers will come give you an estimate.

Our Services


Our Services include, but are not limited to: Water Heater, Detect leaks and fix them, Flooding, Clean and Repair clogged drains, Repair sewers, foundation leaks, and much more


There are different kinds of framing which include platform, and post-and-beam. It is vital that building codes are enforces in this type of work.


There are different kinds or roofs, such as flat, and gabble. Flat Roofs are very common on commercial buildings and some single family homes.


Expertise and work ethic are a must for this kind of work. Each one needs to be measured for space, so when ready, the installation will be easy and no damages will occur. Included in this work is building book shelves, kitchen cabinetry, any custom carpentry work, window and door trims, paneling and more.

Inter / Exterior Painting

If your construction project is an entirely new build, or if you are simply remodeling, MRBuilders Dallas Painting will handle all the interior painting as well as any exterior painting for any project


There are four basic elements in concrete which are to e mixed together and they are cement, sand, crushed rock or gravel and water. The proper mix of the ingredients is determined by the intended use of the concrete itself. It can be used for foundation, retaining walls, sidewalks, stepping stones or slabs.